Dangers of Marrow Bone Treats

Meet Willow and Nadya, these cuties both came in a few days apart from each other because they managed to get their well intentioned treats, circular marrow bones, stuck around their lips and lower jaw!

After arriving at the St. Petersburg Animal Hospital and Urgent Care (AHUC), a physical exam was performed and in each case both pets had to have sedation in order to remove the bones. Sometimes we are able to wriggle them off once the dog is in a state to allow manipulation, but if that is unsuccessful then the bones must be sawed in half in order to remove them.

Pet owners should be cautious when feeding bone marrows to their dogs. Not only can this happen but the bones can chip or break teeth or potentially splinter and pose a risk of serious digestive problems to them as well.

We are glad to report that both pets are doing great! Their parents have found other treats for them to enjoy from now on.

What to do when my dog’s mouth is stuck in a bone? 

  • Try to remain calm: Take a breath, by keeping yourself calm your pet will react in the same manner making it easier for you to get them to the vet.

  • Do not Pull: Once a bone is stuck attempting to remove the bone yourself could cause injury to yourself or your pet.

  • Call Your Vet Immediately: By letting your vet know you are coming, they will be better prepared for your emergency.

If your dog’s mouth is stuck in a bone or toy, contact your vet’s office immediately as surgery is often required in these cases.

Dog Treat Tips

  • Supervision: As your dog is playing it is good practice to watch them as if a piece were to break off it can become a choking hazard.

  • Proper Care: Periodically review your pet’s toys and when you begin to see the toy is breaking down it may be time for a replacement.

  • Ensure Proper Size: Follow package instructions for recommended dog size. Ex. Giving a treat to a large dog that is intended for a smaller dog is a potential choking hazard.