We encourage all of our pet parents to participate in preventative oral hygiene practices such as brushing their pet’s teeth daily and safe dental chews. There are times when a patient may require in-patient dental procedures under anesthesia to properly manage more severe cases of periodontal and gum disease; a fractured tooth; a tooth root abscess or possibly an extraction.

Our Dental Care procedure includes a full set of dental x-rays, ultrasonic scaling to remove plaque and tartar buildup, polishing the teeth to smooth the surface, and fluoride to strengthen the teeth. Dental cleaning for pets is important to maintain healthy teeth and gums, prevent dental diseases, and avoid tooth loss. Each pet’s dental health is different and therefore requires dental procedures based on their individual needs. Our trained staff can evaluate your pet’s mouth and suggest the best recommendations for your pet.

Preparing For Your Visit

When your pet is need of urgent care the AHUC is fully equipped with the diagnostic equipment
necessary to provide the best medical care for your ill or injured family pet.