End of Life Care

Knowing when to say goodbye to your beloved pet is an extremely difficult and personal decision. If you feel this may be the right time for your pet, we’ll explain the entire process in detail, so you know exactly what to expect.

Our end of life care services include:

  • In Hospital Euthanasia
  • After Care Arrangements
  • Grief Support

What to Expect

Upon arrival a team member will guide you to a designated room and discuss aftercare options, along with obtaining signatures to authorize the euthanasia procedure.

 A veterinary technician will place an i.v. catheter to allow for direct vein access. This process is no more uncomfortable for pets than a standard blood draw. Sedatives and pain control measures will be initiated with the ultimate goal of your pet’s comfort during this entire process.

Our veterinarian will then join you to discuss any final questions you may have and initiate the final phase of the process. It is not uncommon for some involuntary muscle movements or deep breaths to occur but be assured that your pet will not experience any discomfort at this time.

You may choose to be with your pet during the entire, part, or none of this process. This is a personal decision and we are here to support you throughout.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are unable to provide euthanasia at your home but we can recommend a licensed veterinarian(s) or hospice provided who can provide this at home service for you.

Yes, we allow you to choose whether or not to be present during this transition. We understand that this is a very personal decision and we are here to support you in any way we can.

We can give recommendations for a crematory for your pet’s end of life after care.

Yes, we can assist you with arrangements for a private cremation with ashes returned to your family.

You can bring your beloved pet to our facility and we can assist you with making arrangements for after care.

Communal cremation, private cremation-where you pet’s ashes will be returned to you in selected style of urn, or elect to take your pet for burial at home.

Pet Owner Resources

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Pet Angel
Memorial Center

13100 56th Court, Ste 707-708
Clearwater, FL 33760
Phone: 727-548-1456

Specializing solely in pet aftercare, Pet Angel Memorial Center® is a best-in-class pet cremation service that provides an unmatched level of service to address your specific needs with respectful, compassionate care.

Pinellas Animal Foundation

10825 Seminole Blvd.
Building A, Unit 3
Seminole, FL 33778
Phone: (727) 397-7387(PETS)

The Pinellas Animal Foundation is proud to sponsor a Pet Loss Support Group created to offer those pet
owners who need and want to ease the stress and anxiety related to the loss of their pets. Listening to others and sharing one’s feelings after the loss of a pet can be very beneficial in coping with grief.

Veterinary Wisdom

Phone: 727-548-1456

Will your family say good-bye to a beloved pet soon?

Within the resources here, you’ll find articles, eBooks, keepsakes and a Pet Parents Facebook Group that reflects the collective wisdom of veterinarians and grief counselors from across the country. We hope these pet loss resources help you decide when and how you want to say good-bye.

Helping Hands Pet Hospice

Largo, FL 33760
Phone: 727-210-5517

Pets nearing the end of their lives are often anxious, in pain, or difficult to move. Having our veterinary team come to you is an excellent way to reduce this stress. Dr. Buisson is Certified in Low Stress Handling® and will do everything in her power to keep your pet comfortable and happy during the visit. For many dogs and cats, simple changes to their living arrangements can greatly improve their quality of life. You can also be more confident in the care of your pet knowing our support is just a phone call, text or email away.